Good afternoon everyone.

About two weeks later we delivered our new Ibiza FR 1.6 TDI, with which, to date, we are delighted by its stability, comfort and driveability. However, I have a question concerning consumption.

We would like to know what the actual consumption obtained with the engine of 105hp, since questions of displacement expected these were lower than the Xsara HDi we had (which has been with us nine years and 245,000 kilometers), I do not know why I feel that they are quite similar. According to the onboard computer (I do not know how reliable) the car consumes between 5.6 and 6.7 city liters per 100, which I believe not just view the evolution of consumer car marker . In no time I have to refuel for the second time, and then poor get estimates, but until then would be delighted to know what users of this car and this engine, as well as those which have been proven, have to say about those obtained actual consumption and overall autonomy.

Thank you in advance.