In May this year, bultaco He reappeared on the international motorcycle scene with two new machines under his arm. They were treated two electric bikes that broke radically with the tradition of the company: Rapitán Rapitán and Sport were presented as the new alternative in the increasingly interesting market for electricity. Well, this week unveiled a model of its catalog, the Bultaco Brinco. It is a mixture of bicycle and motorcycle driven by an electric motor capable of delivering up to 60 Nm and generate a tip speed above 60km / h.

His presentation, generally liked the motero amateur, although practically at the same time began to emerge various questions, some as crucial as his approval. To clarify this and many other unknowns spoke with Pablo Gómez, press officer of Bultaco. Now we can say that we face an exclusive moto, not homologated for use on public roads but would receive a kit for the cause in mid-2015, present a version limited to 45km / h to be classified as "moped". Up to 100 km of autonomy thanks to the pedals or 30 km if we use solely the electric motor through the fist. We have also compared with one of the most popular hybrid bikes mountain How do they differ and resemble?

It may have been a special week for Bultaco, the truth is that it has also been for us. And is that in Moto Motorpasión we celebrated our eighth anniversary. Eight years of motorcycling tests, criticism, debate and research in charge of a few humble editors motivated by the desire to share his enthusiasm and passion. These are difficult times and today more than ever, it's time to be proud of the achievements ... but mostly what we in store for the future.

In the testing area, you have the cooperation of José Benavente for the proof of Triumph Tiger 800 xcx and XRX (Part I, II and III). Total two motorcycles carrying a small step beyond their standard versions thanks to an enviable kit electronics. The price rises to 11,145 and 12,145 euros respectively, slightly above the original price. We also put an end to the story of David Morris with his third and final installment.

And now that we get full in the winter, Luis has left you three details to keep in mind if you intend to leave your bike: appropriate clothing, reviewing key points and preparing for a cold road. Very conveniently, we also share one of the last spots for driver awareness.

Finally, I leave you with the last race of Superprestigio seen through the eyes of the double champion of the AMA Dirt Track, Jared Mees. A show to cheer on Sunday.

What definely good Sunday morning ... and good luck if you have lottery!

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