Last weekend formula 4 He is playing his second weekend of careers in the circuit Donington Park. In the third race driver 17 Billy Monger it crashed against a rival who was standing on the track while trying to gain positions.

The severity of the accident was evident from the first moment in which both cars They were destroyed. The medical assistance took almost two hours release Monger to the mass of carbon fiber and irons in which his car had become. When they got out, it was evacuated by helicopter the hospital Queen's Medical Center. Until today, the championship has not made public the state of the young.

Unfortunately the news has not been good. The pilot continues critical condition but stable. Doctors have had to induce coma after operations to which they referred to it in recent days. Unfortunately despite efforts, they have had to amputate both legs.

From the formula 4 British report that their vital signs show improvement by the pilot JHR Developments which it is expected to wake up from a coma in the coming days.

mass appeal

Next to the statement of pilot status, his team has released a crowdfunding in seeking to raise 250,000 lbs which will be given to his family that guarantee a decent future.

Fans, drivers and motor racing personalities have turned to the initiative and have come through social networks best wishes to relatives and friends of the pilot. In just hours It has reached half the figure marked and in a few hours, it will reach 100%.

The thoughts of all at McLaren are With Billy Monger.

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- McLaren (@ McLarenF1) April 19, 2017

I have only just seen the news of esta tragic incident.

- Lewis Hamilton (@LewisHamilton) April 19, 2017

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