Kia is not a premium brand "nor we want to be"They say openly. However, the signing of Korean origin has just demonstrated that a manufacturer is able to get away from the script and surprise. In two words: Kia Stinger.

This is not a volume model, Kia nor aspires to be. With a forecast of 250 units per full year, the Stinger will be in our market more a demonstration of capabilities in a somewhat complex segment. It will arrive in November to dealers, and looks very interesting.

What Kia is capable of doing

Kia GT Concept, 2011

Years have passed since in 2011 the Kia GT Concept surprised visitors to the Frankfurt Motor Show with an innovative proposal advanced in 2014 via Detroit in Kia GT4 Stinger figure.

Kia GT4 Stinger, 2014

Between one and the other, between the concept car that spoke of a powerful and advanced sedan, and the concept car that evoked the rotundas and desenfadadas lines of a coupe 2 + 2, it has emerged the Kia Stinger, a model that definitely falls by eyes when you have it in front, and above all serves to see a huge leap forward from what once was Kia, Hyundai other brand, and "My mother's Kia Peter Schreyer" what is now.

And this, in a context in which Kia has become a mark of unstoppable growth for eight consecutive years, starting from the 225,000 units sold in Europe in 2008 to reach 470,000 units placed by the mark on our continent to August 2017.

Kia explain the role of Stinger as a model that has all the values ​​that the brand stands: in design, then a dynamic and modern image terms. They also ensure that the Stinger is a model that "It will forever change the perception of the entire brand". Another thing is how to fit the Stinger in a segment that input is taken over by the premium manufacturers and also is somewhat cross.

Proof that mainstreaming is the range of possible competitors with facing the Stinger, according to Kia. For its development, made in Germany, engineers have put the Stinger face to face with the BMW 4 Series, although in terms of design is difficult not to find traces of Mercedes-Benz scattered around the cabin. For the market, as they identify with the Bavarian Arteon with the Volkswagen, Audi A5 and Audi A7.

The Kia Stinger lands on a segment that uses commercially brand value that the product has among the potential buyers, call or simply call it marquitis loyalty. Vice President of Marketing Kia explains that his brand occupies the 69th place in Interbrand, with 6.7 billion dollars and an increase of 6%, but if we talk about potential competitors Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen occupy positions 9, 13, 38 and 40.

A design that will "source of inspiration" for new Kia models manufactured

With the launch of Stinger, Kia wants to indicate how it will revalue the mark in the coming years. jealously measured every step you take, every advance that have been made to expand its range while have been shedding that image secondary brand within the Hyundai Motor Company.

It is not surprising that the Vice President of Marketing for Kia talk about the Stinger as a model that will "source of inspiration" in the future development of the brand. They know they have been jumping quality from the simplicity and honesty, and now launch the Stinger with enthusiasm, but also with anticipation.

Maybe they do not know how it will work them, they turn to the words of an authority. In this case, the author John Stanford, in 1957 he established the definition of GT in his book The Sports Car, Development and Design:

A Gran Turismo is a performance based luxury car and valid for both high-speed driving to cover long distances.

It's a matter of seeing how that desire is reflected in reality.





4,830 mm

2,905 mm

1,870 mm

1.400 mm

Kia appearance is very powerful Stinger. He begins a prominent hood born in a cut overhang 830 mm, to project a fastback silhouette ending in an elongated rear overhang of 1,095 mm.

Seen from the rear, the Stinger Kia presents a high waist giving the sedan a highly muscular. Combined with the light signature of the back, with the diffuser and the terminal double exhaust, the whole is very attractive.

Its design is influenced by the work of aerodynamics, that is reflected in elements such as the air curtain forming the front sockets and side vents in fluid forms which describe its shape and also in channeling the wind by the underbody.

Other elements that draw attention in the Stinger are wheels, 17, 18 or 19 inches, with up to five possible designs, the brake calipers Brembo top end versions, nine color options for the body, the six of which are exclusive to the model. And, in the part devoted to the long distances, we have a 406-liter trunk is huge, and has automatic opening proximity with 3 seconds delay.

A comfortable cabin where the quality of materials is a before and after in Kia

To go inside, we found a surprisingly comfortable space and a well cared materials, although in some spots like the simplicity of the material dashboard takes its toll on the willingness of Kia designers to achieve a perceived high quality product.

Designers have that to create the interior of the Kia Stinger, departed from the image of an aircraft as a source of inspiration for an environment in that sense keeps cornering and enveloping lines in the instrument panel and shape of the selector lever gear as obvious nod.

At all times ergonomics is perceived worked in detail. The arrangement of elements is proper and handling becomes intuitive. The settings of the driver seat and steering wheel are electrically operated, except the headrest, and the driver's seat has approximating function to occupy the driving position.

In its lower position, the driver's seat is only 180 mm above the road (45 mm less than the Optima).

Visibility is very correct despite the drop ceiling, logically remaining space in the rear window. In addition, the Kia Stinger has an element that is curious ... or not so much, if we go back to the time when the project was in conceptual phase. It is an interesting addition to the visibility offered by the rearview mirror, and we see in this image:

The rear camera can be used as a mirror at any speed. I do not remember another model that allows for anything like it. If the GT Concept mirrors had disappeared to make way for the cameras, here we find an intermediate step toward what could become a standard.

Finally, and also on the ground to cover long distances, look good sound system Harman Kardon 720-W and 15 speakers, which has two subwoofers housed under the front seats. Not that we would make ascos the most basic audio system, six speakers and 8-inch touch screen.

Three possible motors, and the icing is called Lambda II V6 with a maximum power of 370 hp

 CRDiGasolina diesel 2.2 2.0 3.3 V6 T-GDiGasolina T-GDidisplacementMaximum powermaximum torqueTareMaximum speed0 to 100 km / hTransmissionTractionNEDC combined
2,199 cc1,988 cc3,342 cc
200 hp @ 3,800 rpm255 hp @ 6,200 rpm370 hp @ 6,000 rpm
440 Nm @ 1750-2500 rpm353 Nm @ 1400-4000 rpm510 Nm @ 1300-4500 rpm
1703 kg / 1774 kg1,642 kg1,834 kg
230 km / h240 km / h270 km / h
7.6 s6.0 s4.9 s
5,6 l / 100 km7.9 l / 100 km10.6 l / 100 km

We started, and we do testing first the Kia Stinger at the Circuit de Mallorca Rennarena. This is a somewhat mousy traced to a bug like this, and we also turns the riding with the motoraco V6-and we wear ... In the end, a few laps version can draw several conclusions slow roads area may not give us:

  1. That despite its nearly two tons, handling is agile cornering.
  2. The address is firm and assistance, although very effective for electric and be mounted directly on the rack, it is unobtrusive.
  3. The suspension (multilink five in the rear), both fixed mode and adaptive mode tends to something soft, without becoming soft.
  4. Even without ESP, the Kia Stinger is noble in dynamic behavior.
  5. That for a 370 hp V6, ains ... the Circuito de Mallorca us is small.

We passed on the road. The diesel version, which is called to be the best-selling, has a correct behavior. On the positive side, very little vibration transmitted to the passenger compartment. On the negative side, very few vibrations transmitted to the heart. Despite finding its maximum below par, leaves some feeling that something is missing spark. And there are no spark plugs do not have.

In the V6 obviously we found another world, but not only because of the difference in power, but also by the smoothness of the engine, which is still fierce, however, progressive reactions. His sound simply love, and Sport or Sport + mode when the sound is magnified inside the cabin thanks to electronics, love even more.

Driving modes Kia Stinger are five: Smart, Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport + (Suppression electronic aids), and the role attack management engine, the gearbox, the variable suspension, the steering assistance and the torque split axle models AWD ( 100% on the rear axle to the front wheels 40%).

In these ways, it is interesting Smart, changing settings depending on driving style we have, and which replaces the classic Custom mode. Tested all modes, although there are certain differences in behavior, the final feeling that remains is that these differences are not too pronounced in everyday driving.

Automatic transmission of eight relations that mounts the Kia Stinger It is one of the strengths of the vehicle, although it has some weakness. This is a case of self-made, like almost everything in the Hyundai Motor Company, which is standard on all versions.

It is the first time that Kia box uses a torque converter with centrifugal pendulum absorption, which is most common in the world of racing and the world of aviation. This transmission allows smooth shifting, thanks to reduced torsional vibrations that occur when entering the gears. The fundamental idea is similar to that which gives meaning to mass flywheel in conventional manual transmission.

In everyday use, of course transitions are smooth and without any problems. As for the agility of change management, we can find some controversy. While automatic mode is sufficiently flexible, the camming can call attention to be a bit lazier, for example when compared with the system of BMW, which is just the opposite: more resolute cams in automatic mode.

A good product that will improve with time

And touches stop to let somebody else driving enjoyment. And when braking I detect another system that seems inspired by the world of aviation. It is touching the pedal and stop. After collecting the teeth of the dashboard, I proceed to pass the token to the next row.

It is a good product. If not round yet, I ovaladillo sure. And, seeing what the evolution of Kia, and knowing how to take note of possible improvements, it is a matter of time before we see a Kia Stinger that leaves many with open but mouth shut.

The question is whether the Stinger can deal with its competitors. Some of the 37,900 euros, marking a scenario of prices that are measured face to face with rivals, but has the advantage that that price corresponds to a real car, you can buy and drive really, not This is a simple version of access to set a price on.

To consider, if you marquitis permits.

Kia Stinger prices in Spain

Kia 2.2 CRDI Style Stinger 200 hp37,900
XTreme 2.2 CRDI Kia Stinger 200 hp41,650
XTreme 2.2 CRDI Kia Stinger 4x4 200 hp43,650
Stinger 2.2 CRDI Kia GT Line 200 hp47,150
Stinger 2.2 CRDI Kia GT Line 4x4 200 hp49,150
Kia Stinger 2.0 T-GDI Style 255 hp38,900
Kia Stinger XTreme 2.0 T-GDI 255 hp42,650
Kia Stinger 2.0 T-GDI 255 hp GT Line48,150
Kia Stinger 3.3 T-GDI 4x4 370 hp54,150

The Kia Stinger has the usual Kia warranty for 7 years, although this model does not have any commercial launch discount. The first units of Kia Stinger will be delivered in November 2017.

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