With the success and the fantastic reception that is taking the BMW M2, it is entirely logical that the German brand is already working on a more refined, radical and pure version of its access to the M. family

Much has been speculated on what the hypothetical BMW M2 GTS. More power and less weight seems the recipe that fits into a car that promises many feelings to those who drive. But what if instead of BMW M2 is called GTS BMW M2 CSL?

Apparently Frank van Meel, CEO of BMW has told Road & Track that CSL nomenclature return the most radical versions of Family M, not only the small M2, but even their older brothers M3 and M4 and M5 and M8 even.

Naturally so, since the acronym CSL are easily recognizable by fans of M. Since the birth of the 3.0 CSL and then was used in which convey the E46 M3 CSL generation, those acronyms have carved a charisma in the world of sports.

The GTS denomination that was used in the limited edition BMW M3 M4 and above the V8 engine sounds nice but not so personal. Porsche has GTS models name, but no one has CS and CSL.

Another element that makes us think that the words are true van Meel, besides that he is the boss at BMW, is prototyping as the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R, a recent tribute to Original CSL.

Thus, the arrival of BMW M4 CS market makes us think that the small BMW M2 could be two variants above normal, on the one hand an M2 CS with more power, removal of some items to save weight and other modifications, and above one M2 CSL who already use version would be 80% and 20% street circuit.

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