You've probably never heard of Edna Atieva. Normal, we until today either. It is an electric van to have based on a Mercedes-Benz Class V Atieva the company is using to develop a luxury electric sedan, which is its long-term project.

The Atieva Edna develops neither more nor less than 900 hp thanks to batteries 87 kWh They are sending power to two electric motors. It is assumed that this power should be enough to beat a Tesla Model S (do not know the exact version) and a Ferrari California T. Are you ready to watch the video?

Atieva was founded by a former leader of Tesla, Peter Rawlinson, and perhaps the next time we flew to hear about them. For whoever is not capable of a speed of Class V 0 to 100 km / h in 3.08 seconds.

video | Youtube