The capital of Spain is suffering the consequences of good weather and the rains do not relieve the "beret" pollution suffered by the city. Excess traffic is increasing pollution levels down to near the levels where it is necessary to alert the population.

I certify that the above beret is visible even 100 kilometers from Madrid. Levels lining concern are nitrogen dioxide (NO₂), harmful to health (review our short course of air pollution). It is a consequence of the strong dieselización mobile park in recent years.

Despite attempts by the consistory make up the data and minimizing their importance, they are intensifying requests information panels that people use public transport and leave the car stopped. If the situation persists, we will have to make an announcement to the public and rethought corrective measures.

If citizens do not freely choose public transport, we must find formulas that are almost always unpopular. It has happened before with regulated parking (ORA), closed to outside traffic areas (letters and Ambassadors), increased penalties for traffic in the city, etc.

Before you start having a spike in respiratory diseases, will fit to ask how you can restrict the passage of vehicles to the capital. ¿Tolls? ¿Hardening of the ORA? Prohibit vehicles that do not meet the recent Euro standards move by Madrid if they are not residents?

Certainly a massive shift to electric vehicles would reduce quite the problem, but it is not a solution that can be taken today, because the purchasing power of the average citizen is not Madrid to spend 30,000 euros on a car of this type. It would be more immediate increase bonuses for hybrid cars.

Madrid City Council has already positioned itself several times against diesel engines, starting with the taxi drivers, as we told you at the time. The fleet of public service vehicles gradually begins to have more hybrid, electric or powered by LPG or bioethanol in its ranks. Same with EMT buses.

In fact, until the mayor is using a hybrid plug to move, although it is a model not sold. What is happening these days reminds us once again that it is necessary to rationalize the use of the car and also bet on alternative propulsion to combat pollution.

If we reach the point of alerting the population, a precedent will sit. There are already several cities in the world have reached a very dangerous level of contamination and forced the authorities to take measures that are not to everyone's taste. In Madrid it could happen the same, because the future of the villa every day is black.

photography | I scambelo
link | Madrid pollution levels in real-time
source | The Economist
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