The Traffic Department has reported that, the July 1, 16 million drivers who have not suffered a penalty which entails the loss of points and keep their balance intact, will awarded a bonus point, so they have a maximum of 15, instead of the initial 12.

Soon They will be six years after the entry into force of controversial penalty point and again, as happened in 2009 on the third anniversary of its entry into scene (then the prize was two extra points), the DGT wants to reward drivers who meet the standards.

For the rest of the drivers, once two years without there being firm sanction associated with the loss of points, recover the initial credit of 12 points, unless the sanction was considered very serious, in which case the deadline to recover the points extends to three years.

The total number of points has been withdrawn 21 million 7 million linked to sanctions that have been accompanied their loss. The most common causes of withdrawal of points are: speeding (42%), not wearing seat (13%), use the mobile phone and alcohol share figure (9%).

Curiously, 1,325,000 drivers are repeat offenders and there 2,352 cases of drivers who have lost twice permission. According to the INSA (University Institute for Automobile Research), the driving license points save 50 lives per month.

Via | DGT
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