In these times when the saving It is almost our top priority when consumed in Motorpasión we wonder how far you can get that desire to spend the least and if, if necessary, we are ready to putting our security at risk by save a few euros. We talk about the time when you have to decide which tires mounted in our car.

He rise of Chinese tires of dubious origin, at derisory prices, it is a reality in Spain. Every day more tires on the road unknown brands are, and look the other way when we say our security is at stake. We look for as cheaply as possible, obviating the tire performance, although we know that the play You can get out face.

Just a few minutes surfing the Internet to find hundreds of complaints from users one day they decided to mount those tires unpronounceable name, 50% cheaper the renowned brands, with which then had problems of all kinds, including accidents due to little grip they offer.

brands like Wanli, Ling Long, West Lake, Goodride, Austone or Nankang (Originally Chinese, now based in Taiwan and production in China), are some of the best known, but it is estimated that there are around 300 Asian manufacturers tire "low cost" exporting to Europe. The easiest way to get them is through the Internet, although some are also sold in supermarkets or specialized workshops.

Tires low cost

To get an idea of ​​the price differences that between prestigious brands (some still being Asian, as it is not incompatible) and low cost manufacturers, we offer a practical example with a pneumatic measures 205/45 R17, which is riding my personal vehicle.

Michelin model
Primacy 3 Bridgestone
Potenza RE050A Ecopia Hankook
Wanli K120 Ventus V12 Evo2
S1063 Nankang
NS-20 Linglong
Greenmax Landsail
LS988 PRICE (€)
123.60 121.67 101 55.87 62.67 57.86 56.63

Search conducted over the Internet, which is usually where the cheapest prices for all brands. The speed codes are not equal in all results, not wanting to limit both the search

main disadvantages

One of the most common weaknesses in these Chinese tires that although many Europeans spend quality controls, they do so hairs are his wet performance. You may dry give the size, provided they do not ask them wonders, but once fall four drops the plot thickens, and how.

The problem is not the tires allow sporty driving or grip class but are dangerous because They do not grip anything, even at low speeds; in town, for example. So say many users who have had mishaps using low-cost tires of dubious origin. And many do not even know then who complain because to find the headquarters ...

In addition, it is not only the level of grip, since it is also important that the tire allows for reasonable braking distance. Of course we would like to, in the event of emergency braking, the car behind tires mounted bring quality, for the shortest possible braking.

Comparative various independent entities such as TÜV Süd have shown that braking distance at highway speeds may be several more meters mounting a low-cost tire instead of one first mark. Few surprises in this sense, of course.

¿Chinese or made in China?

Between a tire is manufactured in China by a reputable brand or is developed and manufactured in China by a local manufacturer, there is a big difference. There are many well-known brands of tires have agreements with Chinese manufacturers or produced directly there, but the product is the same as here. Thus, the label "Made in China" It is not synonymous with poor quality.

Manufacturing processes, machinery and the compounds used, are equal in European factory in Chinese as the quality standards for the product are traced if they are products for Europe. However, many of the big brands produced in China for the Asian market only since arriving here tires are produced either in our country or in the European environment.

But first-order brands offer products that are well above what is required by law, while disreputable brands offer products that meet the standards barely. These are precisely the low-cost brands that offer tempting tires, at prices that are much more accessible to the user, but they leave much to be desired in terms of quality and performance.

Large manufacturers such as Michelin or Continental have decided to bet on making more tires in China, affordable cost to the Asian brands offense. Just do not compete on price, because not neglect security. Quality pays at least at a reasonable price.

In the end everything depends on the consumer, what you want and what you are willing to pay. So, as your safety is up to you, You can do whatever you want. But please, if you take a bad gums, bad, keeps the safety distance (Fortiori) and, of course, do not run. For your own good.

Photo 4 | Mathieu MD