Since December 8, Portugal has made walking home from ours without getting rid of the tolls is quite complicated. The railcars that were previously free (SCUT) have become of toll barrier, or as they call them there Portagens.

In Portugal there are two types of tolls, the barrier and those without barrier. They begin to proliferate those without barrier, where you can not pay with either cash or credit card, and you have to pay in advance or carry drive an electronic device similar to Via Spanish T. They call OBU or "TAG" also serves Greenway.

We will see in this article practical information for driving the Portuguese Autoestradas.

From Portugal and from Spain there is much dissatisfaction with these measures, and the same Portuguese, from the Commission of road users do Infante and other platforms, urge not to pay and collapse the system. What would be the consequences of passing the tolls without paying? And if we skip a toll unintentionally?

NOTE: This is for information purposes and do not intend to urge drivers to commit violations. Each person decides on his sole responsibility if you pay tolls or commit fraud.

Fines and penalties for driving without pay tolls or Greenway

For cars with foreign registration, the sanction is 10 times the amount defrauded toll, with a minimum of 25 euros. In the case of toll roads without barrier, each "gate" to move on without the device, we would win every time a new recipe.

How to pay the fine, if we are not in the banking system? There is only one way, and that we stop the Portuguese GNR, and the amount will have to be paid on the spot. If we do not stop, traffic tickets do not come to Spain. If we are living in Portugal or use a Portuguese car rental, we get caught for sure.

In toll roads barrier, there is fraud going through the toll lane (Via Verde), which has no barrier. If past the toll we find the police will have to scratch your pocket. That could not do it in Spanish Vía T. Similarly, if not surprised the police, it's like going free.

There is a voluntary period of five days to pay any fines they have placed us. After that time, we should also pay an administrative fee of 1.70 euros for each award apart from the sanction.

Tolls in Portugal

How tolls operate in Portugal

In the toll barrier, There are three ways to pay: cash, card, or through the Greenway. The latter system is equivalent to the toll, but no barrier. tuition is read and try to read the Via Verde device to collect the appropriate amount to the driver.

This device serves both private highways, and for some car parks and even service stations Galp. For toll highways without barrier, publicly owned, enrollment is read and searched the OBU or "TAG" or greenway. If you do not have, looking at a computer record if the car is allowed to move otherwise.

That is, it is not mandatory electronic device if you have paid the toll virtual via the Internet or automatic at the beginning of the railcars machines. Of course, using the device, we saved an additional fee. Eye, the OBU / "TAG" device is for railcars that were previously public (Ex-SCUT) to the low toll motorway concession does not work, but you can pay old-fashioned.

Tolls in Portugal

How to legally run by Autoestradas Portugal

If we will be in Portugal a few days, there are alternatives to the payment device (temporary or permanent), through page Portuguese Post Office credit card:

  • For 3 days or less: 20 euros must be paid serve to all toll roads without barrier unlimited travel. You can only do six times a year.
  • For 5 days or less: You pay according to use, with a minimum of 10 euros, and can recover the money we have not spent.
  • There is a fee of 0,62 euros for administrative costs in both cases.

Another possibility is to do at the border in automatic machines, Correos, Oporto, Faro Airport, IKEA or areas of ex-SCUT service. We do not need electronic device, say our enrollment scoring, is a virtual toll.

Tolls in Portugal

If we are to stay longer, we need the Via Verde Visitors, a device that allows passage by both types of tolls, or OBU / "TAG" (only ex-SCUT). Must pay a initial deposit of 27,50 euros, to be returned when the apparatus is returned. Costs 6 euros the first week and 1.5 euros the following, up to 90 days.

To that, one must add the amount of all tolls, obviously. a preload of 10 euros minimum, which is not refunded if not used at all is done. If it is not returned, the deposit is lost. The device expires after 90 days, and the balance that it has associated, and can not be reactivated.

Where the device is achieved? In the service areas of the old SCUT in post offices (Correios) and in stores greenway. If we live in Portugal and have current account, the unit bought by 27,50 euros and never expires. The tolls charged us at the bank Caixa Geral. The alternative to the prepayment is to open an account at that bank and associate the device.

Tolls in Portugal

predefined routes

For payment without electronic device, there are the following routes at a fixed cost

  • Tavira-Faro: 5.93 euros a trip, two trips 11.24 euros
  • Viana do Castelo / Oporto Airport: 5.54 euros a trip, two trips 10.46 euros (round trip)
  • Valença-Braga-Oporto: 1.78 euros a trip, two trips 2.94 euros (round trip)

Price is including prepaid entry fee (0.62 euros). This is a summary, I suggest to consult the source, in which everything is explained in detail. It is essential not go on an adventure and look at everything before traveling.

There is also the possibility of driving on the secondary road network, which are free, and have more traffic. Yes, they are more dangerous in every way, and much slower. The ex-SCUT and toll roads have little traffic and although not legal (limit 120 km / h), it will normally be flowing fast enough.

Nissan Leaf in Lisbon

In summary

  • Circular without paying: toll disappointed by 10, at least 25 euros
  • For short stays: the device does not take payment, but must pay a virtual toll in person (before moving) or via the Internet
  • For more than 5 days or regular trips: the circular mandatory OBU / "TAG" or device Greenway
  • In Autoestradas having toll barriers, it is done as usual cash card or
  • The Spanish Via T device is not approved in its network, and therefore, it is useless
  • In Spain you can not purchase these devices, Just across the border

We do not know how long it will last this collection company. The Portuguese Government admits, they are short of money and have to finance the crisis. If we want to calculate how much we will spend on tolls, I address to the official calculator. For example, Lisbon (A1) to Tavira (A22) are 23.65 euros per 304.34 kilometers.

On the other hand, without difficulty we find the testimony of drivers who have spent years without paying tolls for the Greenway and boast of not paying any penalty. With the new system, that does not change much, If you do not stop us, the trip comes free.

To end this article, a tip appreciate your pockets: tank filled before crossing the border in Spain, and try not to take even a drop to return because fuel prices in Portugal (more information) are simply outrageous. Fuel can be carried in the trunk, but only with carafes homologated.

NOTE: All data refer to Article cars. Rates are different for other vehicles.

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source | Tolls in Portugal, Estradas de Portugal (official website)
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