2016 being a good year for Dacia with 391,098 sold until end of August worldwide and a growth of 7.3% over the same period of 2015, so we offer a new range that wants to please more customers and achieve more segments, to continue the positive trend of recent years.

Dacia launched a few days ago we advance four new models arrive at the Paris Motor Show and, indeed, it has. The two most representative brand by volume can monopolize public are Dacia Sandero in two versions, conventional and Dacia Sandero Stepway.

More Sandero, better finish

Both the interior design and exterior rejuvenates to produce a more pleasant and modern first impression. Dacia Sandero new now have a common design language based on the square and rectangular shapes. LED front are four overlapping four squares and rectangles behind that produce enlightenment.

Leaving the basic Sandero as the spearhead of affordable Romanian brand cars have not wanted to neglect their image. The exterior receives a new bumpers which provide a more robust image. Though of course the Sandero Stepway is the one that best suits him this bath of youth with a new identity very similar to that released by the Dacia Duster.

Among its headlights with LED technology found a grid with rectangular shapes chrome highlighting on the black background and the rear bumper new image provides a more robust with a metal shield in its lower portion and an outlet exhaust with chrome finish.

Jumping inside we can see that both materials and forms have been more careful this time using satin chrome contrasts for aerators, steering wheel and center console contrasting black and gray on the other surfaces. The four-arm steering wheel is also new, much less bulky and integrating some buttons.

Sandero Stepway in again stresses with a chrome handles and superior finishes with upholstery cared more 3D mesh with stitching in relief.

Both new series Sandero driving aids as rear view camera in some versions or hill start assistant. Listening to their customers have been repositioned front and rear power windows and can be equipped armrest for the driver.

A new engine SCe 75

This new generation of Dacia launches a Euro6 engine. It is a three-cylinder SCe cubes 1.0 liters and offers 75 horses maximum power that guarantees minimum consumption and CO2 emissions remain at the minimum. Thus the supply of engines is:

  • Gasoline: SCe 75
  • Gasoline: TCe 90 Stop&Start
  • Gasoline: TCe 90 Stop&Start GLP
  • Gasoline: TCe 90 Stop&Start with gearbox Easy-R
  • Diesel engines: dCi 75 Stop&Start
  • Diesel engines: dCi 90 Stop&Start
  • Diesel engines: dCi 90 Stop&Start with gearbox Easy-R

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