Low-cost test and one of the best selling cars in Spain, a real Top 10 in sales in 2015 is located exactly in fourth place. we talk about Dacia Sandero, a model which sold 25,338 units last year, he alone obtains a market share of 2.43%. There are brands that sell fewer units having its entire range.

As we are and to eliminate doubt the most curious, I tell you the Top 5 of 2015: SEAT Leon (32,271 pcs.), SEAT Ibiza (31,418 pcs.), Volkswagen Golf (25,661 pcs.), Dacia Sandero (25,338 pcs. ) and Volkswagen Polo (25.128 pcs.). As you can see you are the only Frenchman who has crept between the Volkswagen Group and it is no coincidence.

Renault's approach with Dacia has been a success and the Sandero is the most powerful. We tested the diesel engine Stepway, riding a 1.5 dCi 90 hp. Only diesel version, although there is a choice of petrol with a three-cylinder 0.9-liter with 90 hp also. maximum simplicity in the range and maximum simplicity in the sale, which as I said a manager of the brand most have a preset script.

Dacia Sandero Motorpasion 02

There comes a couple / marriage granting looking for a second car. The man asks for Clio, you see, like, give them money and the woman says that in no way is going to spend that. The seller teaches a bare Sandero, the man says that's very ugly. Then they teach them a Sandero Stepway, which satisfies women price and aesthetic man (the two actually). Sale made.

Is it a good buy? Yes, almost every car market is a good buy if it fits our needs and if we consider that they will buy it gets out of a car with an average of 8 years, it is normal that any current car is better . In any case, with this test we will try to find out if there is a possible better buy.

For starters must start with the price, 12,630 euros, but our unit takes several options that raise its price to 50 euros exceed 14,000 euros. Options can be overridden in some cases but not in others. It takes as extras I find basic air-conditioning, radio CD with Bluetooth and leather steering wheel and shifter. The latter is not vital, but for 73 euros earns a lot visually and to the touch.

Dacia Sandero Motorpasion 04 Seats with soft fluffy favoring fatigue on long trips

The options could bypass are metallic paint (333 euros), which elects few people, and the browser but actually only 230 euros more expensive and if you regularly use GPS worth. The regulator and speed limiter are 150 euros, if you will not go to road does not compensate have, but otherwise the cruise control It is a good ally.

We know what it costs and we value based on that, its price. Not worth it ... how it is cheap because it is not the basic Sandero, that itself is a great buy if you are looking for a car with at least the minimum. In this case we can choose all these rivals do not boast of being low-cost but they cost the same or less than the Sandero:

  • Peugeot 208 1.6 75 hp BlueHDi

  • Fiat Punto 1.3 Multijet 75 hp

  • Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi 75 hp

  • Renault Clio dCi 75 hp

  • Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTI 75 CV

  • Hyundai i20 1.1 CRDi 75 hp

  • Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi 75 hp

  • Skoda Fabia 1.4 TDI 75 hp

Dacia Sandero Motorpasion 05 Spartan dashboard even though this version has decorative moldings

All with five-door body and diesel engine, all of them also with 15 hp less than the Sandero, yes, but they all materials and, above all, higher quality finishes the Dacia. In some cases also they have more equipment, hence we should look critically at this version of Sandero.

But the Sandero Stepway has two important advantages in its favor, todocamino an attractive image and concept of economic car, which makes many worry not to compare. Lets go see it. Everything in the Sandero is sufficient and works, is also a spacious car inside and a good boot (320 liters).

We're going to get hit. To start the wheel only has height adjustment and seat height adjustment lacks. It is the only segment, but other models seat adjustment is optional and it can not count on it. The seats collect little body and hold for urban driving, but if we go to road arrive at our destination more tired.

Dacia Sandero Motorpasion 03 Seat rails sight

Plastic is the predominant material and, although it includes decorative moldings, is hard and rough touch. But we can put ourselves in a practical way and pass the delicacies, although the lack of garrisoned in the guides front and the extreme simplicity of the whole seats can get to undermine that belief that we bought a product with a quality / price unbeatable.

It seems so, but the instrument panel no onboard computer security and goes with just enough fact on the rear axle brakes are drum. However we find details that unsettle us, as a buffer for the bonnet, ECO driving mode and precision adjustment of the backrest angle of the front seats.

So far we have given a few sticks to Stepway and that I consider myself an advocate of Sandero. But as I have already mentioned above, the purchase is a logical based Sandero or one of the least equipped versions with petrol engines. Yes we speak there without a doubt a car with a cheap price purchase. Tomorrow we see how this Dacia behaves and keep attacking, to see how it defends.

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