Occasionally, rulers are a breath of clairvoyance and pass think logically. That has happened beyond the Pyrenees. France no longer required to relocate breathalyzer If we cross the border to spend the day there. The Government has backtracked regarding the obligation to take breathalyzer in the car, on the bike, the bus and the truck. And that goes for tout le monde.

Let's remember what the movie was. In late 2011, on the eve of an election year, Nicolas Sarkozy outlined his idea of ​​self-monitoring of blood alcohol in cars and educate drivers about the risk of combining alcohol and driving, while a good spending nozzles are avoided. François Hollande inherited the throne and with it the idea.

From here, the story can be summed up with three starters that if you look good, heralded this as embarrassing as predictable outcome:

  1. "Blow and know"France wants breathalyzers in bars and cars, December 2011, in which we explained what was basically the proposal, which we believed then that would focus only on new vehicles fixed breathalyzers.
  2. If you go to France, remember that it is mandatory breathalyzer ... although there are no more disposable July 2012, where we discussed the entry into force of the measure, although we said that there was grace period for offenders ..., that fines for not wearing a breathalyzer, the amount would be 11 euros (up to 33 euros for conflicting cases), would not begin to spread until November ... and eye, there was breathalyzers for everyone.
  3. France postponed until March fines for not wearing a breathalyzer, October 2012, in which we explained what was sung: one month to start sablear drivers, the highest French authorities realized that as follow the plan set they were rolling heads near the Bastille, because factories of China and North Africa to be disposable supply France alcoholmeters were unable to meet demand.

An absurd law that should never be enacted

He was drawer the measure lost bellows. In fact, when we explained the postponement and we knew there was some buzz about removing the norm when it had just entered into force. In the end it did not last even a year this law, which could almost compete for Guinness, in the category of absurd laws, with British Locomotive Acts of 1865, those of the guy with the red flag that should accompany walking, all vehicles move by United Kingdom.

Why was absurd French law? Let's see. Officially at least, The idea was to educate drivers about the danger of combining alcohol and driving. Well, to do that an awareness campaign is drawn, not a driver is obliged to buy a contraption of questionable value when the driver is already conscious.

An example that comes to mind now about Drivers who do not drink, precisely in France. Has anyone stopped to think about the number of Muslims --abstemios religión-- issues that exist in the neighboring country? If you only think laughable. They say that for a law to be enforced must be legitimized by those who must comply. What legitimacy could have this law?

When we talk about treating a risk factor linked to traffic intake of drugs (and alcohol is one of them), is a direct attack from the basis that everyone drugged driving. Let's see, that France drew blood alcohol worrying problem, with above legal in 30% of accidents according to official data rates Sécurité Routière. Who do, the pay, of course. But they do not pay for an offense committed one does not think.

And not compulsory breathalyzer is not comparable to mandatory reflective vest or warning triangle (V-16). You do not choose when to get a flat tire, but when to drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel.

A face-law, very expensive

Next point: absurd law, yes, but espabilaos mu parents. Although initially we understood that served any approved breathalyzer, it turned out that no, that France had to carry a breathalyzer that meets the NF X20704, that as deduced by the acronym it comes to linking Norme Française.

That brings everyone had to go through box in France --abonando, incidentally, taxes on the value added to the francesas-- coffers were not cross the border if a breathalyzer that will not serve. Oh là là! C'est magnific! But that is not all. It turns out that to get one of those wonderful artifacts is that they should have unmatched by any other breathalyzer purchased outside France, it had to get in line.

And, as you know any citizen with an average IQs, when there is more demand than supply, first cheap breathalysers are exhausted, then the expensive, prices soar... Five times it came to multiply the price of breathalyzers those who met with NF X20704 standard. Spain, country of rogues! Already.

But how many breathalyzers is missing? If France is a country of 66 million inhabitants, what must have! ¿35 million drivers? Well, considering that France is in the middle of the trans-European route, and considering requiring that anyone passing through there wore a breathalyzer in tow, because as chaos was destined to occur.

Indeed, France is in the midst of Western Europe, especially when it comes to sight seeing to Spain or to sell or buy stuff from UK. He had only to look a map to understand the potential of this law. As much as factories in North Africa and China will do their utmost, had to work many shifts to supply half of Europe with cacharrillos of those. It is understood that the factories were dimensioned for manufacturing control elements, non-obligatory elements. There is a difference when planning production.

By the way, another minute detail of these who like when drivers realize. Breathalyzers are worth because they meet the famous NF X20704 standard ... fail. Epic fail! To know if it is because they fail serial or because they have had to make so many in such a short time it has not been possible to maintain the minimum level of quality required. But let that fail.

In fact, the reasons given by the Government to scrap the law are two: unreliability Y lack of supply of alcoholmeters. Now, just missing the National Road Safety Council of France and associations of drivers and road victims speak out. Hopefully think they, too, that these are not ways of doing things.

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