Renew driving license It is a process that every driver must perform several times throughout his life. Requirements, procedures, documentation must be provided when renewing driving licenses are frequently asked questions about this process.

In recent years, the DGT has simplified some of the most common procedures to expedite the renewal of driver's license. We will then review the essential aspects of this issue as bureaucratic as, basically, simple. All you have to bear in mind is that it has some twists and turns, but it is nothing to be frightened.

For starters, keep in mind that all driving license is subject to a validity, and that this effect depends on the driver has not lost all points and keep the requirements necessary to receive them. In addition, if at the time of renewing the driving license holder driving license has an illness or disability that may worsen with the passage of time, the term of your new license could be reduced preventively.

Renew driving license

In general, the validities of driving licenses are shown in the following table. They are basically structured by the type of vehicle we can drive and driver age.

Driver licenses
of the classes
AM, A1, A2, A, B Driving licenses
of the classes
BTP, C1, C1 + E, C, C + E,
D1, D1 + E, D and D + E Driver age
less than 65 yearsDriver age
greater than or equal to 65 years
Every 10 years Every 5 years
Every 5 years Every 3 years

We can renew driver's license up to three months before we expire, and that means not to lose days of validity as the new renewal date counted from the effective date we already had. For example, if my driver's license expires on April 1, 2015 and I what I renew today, January 22, 2015, the new expiry date of my renewed driving license will be April 1, 2025, not 22 January 2025.

Currently, an expired term may be renewed without further ado than usual. Until 2009 it was necessary to go through exams traffic, both in theory and in practice (control test knowledge and control test of skills and behavior), but nowadays this step is no longer required.

Renew driving license - Provincial Traffic

You can not renew your driving license if ...

a) A judge has ruled our disqualifications from driving motor vehicles and mopeds.

b) A judge or the Administration we have suspended, as a precautionary measure or ultimately driving license.

What documentation is needed?

It depends on how we renew driver's license, we will need some other documents. Today can renew the driving license in a Center of Medical Examination and the Traffic Department. Also required documentation will be different in the case of a foreign driver who renews Spanish driving license, and in the case of a Spanish citizen living abroad who will renew your driving license Spanish.

Renewal Center Medical Examination (not Traffic Department)

Renew driving license - Recognition Medical Center

To renew a driver's license Medical Center recognition will be asked to identity and we credit our residence with the identity card or passport original and effective.

In the case of Community foreign nationals, they will ask the residence permit or identity card or passport of your country, together with the certificate of registration in the Central Register of Foreigners for EU foreigners. In the case of non-EU foreign nationals, the residence permit for non-EU. All documentation must be the original (photocopies are not valid) and must be in force at the time of submission.

From there, and after the payment of a fee of 23,50 euros (Data updated in August 2016), we performed a photo, we signed the application for renewal of driving license, and we practiced a medical examination for the electronic referral Traffic Report psychophysical fitness.

Renewal in the Traffic Department (in addition to passing the medical examination center)


Today, renewal through the Traffic Department is designed to not make anyone. For all purposes, it is still possible to renew the driver's license at the Traffic Department, but we get no advantage by doing it this way, on the contrary. In traffic we are going to ask:

  • Castilian, Catalan, Basque, Galician: written in an official form as this application.
  • The usual rate of 23.50 euros.
  • The report communicated to medical fitness Telematic Driver Register for Driver Recognition Center.
  • ID card, passport or residence permit in force.
  • A current photo of 32 x 26 mm in color.
  • A heel-photo found in the same Headquarters, duly signed.

Conclusion: is cheaper to renew my driver's license at the Center for medical examination. Total, also we have to go through there to adopt us the certificate and send it to Traffic ...

Renew driving licenses from abroad

Renew driving license

In the case of Spanish throughout the world, the study recommends DGT renewals driving license through diplomatic or consular representations, but can also be processed through any Traffic Headquarters, sending the following documents:

  • Heel-foto completed and signed, with a picture of 32 x 26 mm in color. You can apply diplomatic or consular representation.
  • Medical fitness report issued by a doctor in the country where the person concerned is and endorsed by the Diplomatic Mission or Consular Office of Spain, with a recent photograph of the applicant. You must specify the fitness to drive.
  • Copy of the receipt of payment of the fee of EUR 23.50. Payment can be made online or by transfer (with costs on account of the applicant) to the account of the Central Traffic (0049 5103 79 2616578716 IBAN: ES23 0049 5103 7926 1657 8716, SWIFT: BSCHESMM). The transfer must be noted, in this order: ID, full name, "Renewal fee driving license".

Renew the license being abroad in Spain

Renew driving license

EU citizens with legal residence in Spain for 2 years (as from January 19, 2013), whose period of validity of the driving license is indefinite or within more than 15 years to permit Group 1 (AM, A1, A2, A force, B and B + E) or greater than 5 years to permit Group 2 (BTP, C1, C1 + E, C, C + E D1, D1 + E, D, D + E) term must renew their license drive from this past January 19, 2015. those who have obtained residence later than that date must renew it within two years of obtaining the residence.

In these cases, you must make an appointment in the electronic headquarters of the DGT or via telephone number 060. On the day of the event must submit the following documents:

  • Proof of identity and residence: DNI, NIE or passport and any other evidence that prompted the Traffic Department to prove residency.
  • Driving license (original and copy).
  • The person attending the resident will ask for a phone number or email contact for citizens when issuing authority of the permit verify that the permit is valid. Once verified, Traffic will reschedule the applicant, and from that time the applicant will have to go to a Medical Center for Driver Recognition that issued the certificate of medical fitness.

    The day of the second round will be necessary to provide the following documentation:

    • Current photograph of 32 x 26 mm
    • Heel photo, which will be provided in Traffic Headquarters, completed and signed.
    • Official application form to be provided at the headquarters Traffic on the website of the DGT
    • Proof of payment of the renewal fee (23.50 euros)

    Renew driving license paying less

    Renew driving license

    In case of change of address, Traffic simply communicate the new home. Is free.

    Furthermore, renewal rates are reduced driving license in two cases (revised August 2016 data):

    1. When the driver is more than 70 years, You pay no fee.
    2. When it imposes a below normal force due to medical reasons, and then the amounts of fees follow the next step:
      • Up to 4 years: 18,80 euros
      • Up to 3 years: 14,10 euros
      • Up to 2 years: 9,40 euros
      • One year or less: 4.70 euros