Time flies, and not have realized, our friends 8000vueltas 10th anniversary. They began to be a very focused blog lovers of pure sports cars, driving pleasure, and today are the organizers of the higher-level track days in our country.

To celebrate this 10th anniversary, 8000vueltas organizes next Sunday, November 12 an event open to anyone. No, it will not be in a circuit and the prices are very affordable.

In 8000vueltas want their 10th anniversary is a celebration of the engine, a meeting place for car lovers, so have moved away from their normal location, the Jarama circuit, opting for another mythical place, the Hippodrome de la Zarzuela in Madrid.

Many horses in the parking lot and on the race track

Pres 011 8000 2016

There will be a parking space reserved for sports and supercars of all participants, there will be an exhibition area car, snack and lunch will be served and there will be of course a place to enjoy the other races, the horse.

What they want is that all car lovers to get together there to enjoy what many of us like to do in these events, chat about cars and tell war stories.

Two options for 9 euros

Environment and Restaraucion

There will be two ways to participate. The first one, will be to 'Appetizer' that 9 euros by reservation or 12 euros at the box office, will include: Parking VIP access to Hipodromo de la Zarzuela to enjoy the 5 races and the Grand Magazine Award Hello 1 € courtesy to bet on horse racing, access to 8000vueltas private terrace with 1 drink (water, soda or beer) and tasting ham Patabrava.

The other option is to plan appetizer and a higher one 'Lunch' consisting of 2 courses and dessert in charge of Mallorca. Then once the food is in the stomach, participants who have opted for this second option, which is priced 50 euros, Carudel Club will have access to the VIP area with unique views of Madrid.

Obviously places are limited, so if you have found a good plan for next Sunday, you should not take too long to sign. The horses are insured.

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